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CPC Driver Training
“Certificate of Professional Competence”

What type of CPC Training do I need?

There are two types of CPC training for professional drivers and understanding which you need can save you time and money. Follow the simple chart below to find out which is the right training for you.



Initial CPC Training

Typically if you are a new HGV driver then you will need to complete what is known as Initial CPC training. This is broken down into two modules, each of which are examination based and have a pass/fail outcome.

Module 2 CPC Case Study

You will attend a similar test centre to where you completed your theory tests. This module consists of 50 multi choice questions based on 7 different scenarios. The scenarios are designed to reflect situations a professional PCV or LGV driver will encounter in his or her working life. Must get at least 40 answers correct to be awarded a pass.

Module 4 Practical Associated knowledge Exam

No driving is required for this part but you will need a suitable vehicle to demonstrate your answers. It’s all about what a driver does whilst not driving. This may include checking the vehicle is not incorrectly loaded or overloaded, securing a load with the correct restraining devices, checking a vehicle is safe and in good working order before taking it on the public highway etc. With all module 4 bookings we are able to provide both the vehicle and a pre-test training session with one of our qualified instructors.

Periodic Driver CPC Training

As mentioned above, professional (existing) drivers need to ensure they have completed 35 hours of periodic driver CPC training every 5 years in order to be issued with a DQC (driver qualification card). All of our RTITB accredited driver CPC modules are 7 hours in length. We, like many experts, recommend that drivers undertake 1 module every year to achieve their 35 hours, thus spreading the cost and time away from work. Again, once periodic training has been completed, drivers will be issued with a valid DQC. All drivers must carry their DQC with them when driving professionally. It is an offense not to carry a valid DQC whilst driving commercially.

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