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Driver Assessment
LGV Driver Assessments

What Are Driver Assessments

Who is the course for?

This program is intended to review the driving ability of your existing drivers and provide remedial training where necessary.

​Course outline​

We concentrate on the safe handling of the vehicle, together with the driver’s ability to drive defensively, i.e. to recognise hazards in good time and implement plans to deal with them and also ensuring that the driver is driving within the green giving the best fuel economy for the vehicle driven.

Towards the end of the assessment/training day the driver will be reviewed. Any aspects of their driving that is not to a safe standard will be identified and confirmed in a confidential report directly to you.


Driving assessments generally last for 1-2 hours per candidate. We can tailor the course to suit your needs and requirements.

​Assessment content​

The driver will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Safe handling and defensive driving
  • Minimising wear and tear
  • Hazard perception
  • Daily walk around checks
  • Road sense and lane discipline
  • Manoeuvring
  • Observing speed limits and traffic regulations​

Benefits for BOTH Employer & Employee

Driver Assessments carried out at Go Direct Training show a fuel efficiency difference between the best and worst drivers of over 4 mpg.

​If your drivers could achieve just a 1 mpg improvement in fuel consumption this could equate to a financial saving of over £4,000 per driver, per year based on 85,000 miles annual mileage. Additional savings can be obtained through reduced vehicle maintenance costs.

What Can Go Direct Offer for Driver Assessment ?

We can offer support for those transport companies that are finding it difficult keep the fuel costs down, especially at today’s costs.

​By completing a full driving assessment on job, this gives our qualified instructors a full picture to how the driver is driving the vehicle to his best ability but not understanding the values of staying within the green and maintaining a smooth safe drive would give more MPG.

Give us a call today for a free no obligation quote on what our services can offer your company and save anywhere between 9 – 14% off your fuel costs.

Our aim is to serve transport and distribution companies throughout the midlands, and to be the premier supplier of driving professionals, in that region.
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